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About John F. Davenport


John F. Davenport has spent his career working in financial wealth management. In particular, Davenport specializes in helping retirement and pre-retirement clients plan for their future. Davenport attended and graduated from Notre Dame University, Fordham University, and Pace University. John is a licensed insurance broker as well as a lawyer in New York and Connecticut.

Upon graduation, John held several high-ranking positions in finance. John worked with Merrill Lynch as a Financial Advisor as well as with a sizeable estate-planning firm. Davenport took the crucial skills learned in these positions and founded his own company, Davenport & Associates.  Davenport believes in taking a  slightly different approach to retirement wealth management than others. He and his team focus on maximizing the client’s portfolio rather than having them make new investments. 

At Davenport & Associates, John and his team believe that cash flow dictates your quality of life. Therefore, they maximize all income-producing assets, while at the same time optimizing the transfer of your wealth to heirs. In addition, Davenport &  Associates works to monitor that wealth as well as maintain all financial records on your behalf. Their job is to help you thoroughly enjoy your retirement, whatever it takes.

John Davenport has led a successful career working in wealth management strategies. In particular, Davenport is an expert in retirement and pre-retirement planning and money management. He is skilled at working with people and creating cohesive plans in order to achieve maximum cash flow and wealth during retirement. 

In addition to his career, John Davenport is active in several other organizations. Davenport is a Member of the Connecticut and New York State Bar Associations and a Fellow of the Life Office Management Association. In 2006, Forbes presented their small business award to John, and in May 2020, the magazine featured Davenport in an issue. Davenport also authored the popular wealth planning book, “The Wealth Maximization Method.”

John Davenport and his team are dedicated professionals with years of experience working with retirees and pre-retirees. They understand that you have worked your entire life to create life savings, and they help you make the most of it. Not only does John and the team help you to prepare, but they will also assist you in monitoring your financial records as well. Their services are unlike anyone else’s in the business. When Davenport is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

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